4 Ways to Empower the Women In Your Life

4 Ways to Empower the Women In Your Life

Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” – Nora Ephron

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2019, here are 4 ways you can empower the women around you (while at the same time empowering yourself!)

International Women's Day

Give other women compliments

Empowering women is about more than just posting #squad pics on Instagram! It’s about instilling self-worth and confidence in all women, so that no matter their place in society, they can thrive and make their mark on the world in their own unique way.

For some reason (cough *patriarchy* cough), women are often reticent about complimenting other women, which we think is baloney. Think of a time you were paid a compliment--not about your cute blouse or rad new haircut, but about your mind or your work ethic.

It made you feel amazing, right? It made you want to try harder and reach higher.

This is the effect you can have on another woman, just by giving her some authentic, positive, in-the-moment feedback. Who knows, in doing so you may just give her the confidence she needs to press on and achieve their dreams.

Be a role model

How do you hope to empower other women if you’re not an empowered woman yourself? Mahatma Gandhi said it best: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Speak out against bullies

Gender inequality is rife in the workplace, thanks to the gender pay gap and a competitive environment that often sees women struggling to advance into the same management positions as men.


If this sounds like your place of work, you don’t have to feel powerless. You have the chance to make a difference and to advocate for the women around you, especially if you’re in a managerial role.

After all, only when women step up and advocate for each other will we finally see a change in the status quo.

You can empower women in your workplace by encouraging your female co-workers to find their strengths, then have their back as they push past adversity.

Encourage them to go for what they are owed in terms of benefits and recognition, and whatever you do, resist the age-old game to put down other women for your own professional gain.

Be someone’s superhero

Women Empowerment

Unfortunately, due to an increasing poverty rate, under-performing schools, and teen violence, it’s not easy being a teen girl in today’s America.  

One way you can make a difference in your community and in a young girl’s life is to become a mentor. This way, you can help by giving an underprivileged teen the tools she needs to kick ass in her own life.

Those cutthroat days are over. Now it’s about standing up for yourself and helping the women around you. After all, being a supportive friend and mentor far outweighs stepping on on the shoulders of your sisters just to reach the top.

For more info, check out an organization such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Jessa Blades

One woman out there living her best life and empowering other women to do the same is natural beauty expert Jessa Blades.
Jessa, who has been featured as one of Glamour magazine’s “70 Amazing Eco-Heroes”, uses her many years of experience to teach other women how to beautify themselves from the inside out.


Jessa Blades

Jessa empowers women by not only teaching them how to apply makeup, but also by educating them about the most healing and natural products available and showing them how to incorporate herbs and food-based medicine into their lives.

Jessa's mission of empowerment is to provide sustainable beauty routines, pure products, and expert advice for anyone looking to detox their medicine cabinet and heal—instead of hide—their imbalances.

We can highly recommend Jessa’s Self-Care and Hypnosis for Winter class, where you’ll learn some self-care techniques to keep you healthy and stress-free any time of the year, but especially during the cold, dark winter months.

For information on future classes, be sure to read our next blog post!

Now it’s over to you! Can you think of some good ways to empower the women in your life? We’d love to hear your ideas, so please leave a comment below!


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