5 Incredibly Safe Self-Care Tips for Mom

5 Incredibly Safe Self-Care Tips for Mom

Motherhood. It’s not a cookie-cutter job. It’s messy, challenging, exhausting, and oh so rewarding! 

However, there’s not a manual that comes with this position. It’s all, on-the-job-training.

Some moms work outside the home, while others work full-time in the home. Some are high-energy, and others are low-key. But every mom continually gives of herself and is a well-spring of love.

No matter the age of your kids, moms are on-call 24/7. It's time to take care of yourself.

Self-care is not a luxury; it's a necessity. 

We all have different ways to fill up our cups, but there are a few foundational, safe self-care practices and products for healthy living that are essential for inner beauty to shine through.


Water your Cells

The first step is to make sure you drink plenty of good clean water. 

It may sound too simple, but self-care was never meant to be complicated. 

Every function in the body is dependent upon proper hydration down to the cellular level. It is key to the communication networks; it facilitates the flushing of toxins and makes your skin more resilient and less prone to wrinkles. 

Move your Body

You've got to move it! Whether you carve time alone or integrate your kids into an activity, exercise is a must to feeling your best. 

Not only does it have great cardio benefits, it reduces anxiety, improves cognitive function, and shapes those muscles. 

Stay Connected 

Whether an extrovert or introvert being part of a community is so important. Knowing you're not alone in your challenges goes a long way.  

Yes, you have much to offer, but it's also a blessing to allow someone else to help you. It can be hard to be on the receiving end, but relationships are mutually beneficial. 

Life is better together. 


We live in a fast-paced, non-stop world. We must intentionally unplug and relax. 

Committing to a regular sleep cycle is a great start. Also, take time throughout the day for deep cleansing breaths embracing positive, nourishing thoughts and exhaling all that is negative. 

Nurture your Skin

Motherhood is tough on your skin, yet sometimes we feel like we don't have the time for skincare. Woah now! The skin is the largest organ, a critical defense mechanism, and it's what you see when you look in the mirror. 

Your skin deserves Elixir Apothecary: thoughtfully formulated, clean, safe skincare (for you and your young ones), while being amazingly luxurious. 

Elixir Apothecary was created and formulated by Michelle, a certified herbalist. She and her husband, Derek, have a passion for creating plant-based, holistic skincare products with minimal ingredients while avoiding synthetic fragrances, fake colorants, and harmful preservatives.

Start with Blush Rose Quartz Soap. It is a holistic approach to self-love. In a base of Virgin Coconut Oil, this soap is infused with soothing, organic essential oils; it envelopes Rose Quartz, Rose Kaolin Clay, and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, which gently cleanse, delicately exfoliate, and vibrationally reduce stress.


Next, treat yourself to Elixir Crème. Completely vegan and cruelty-free, this formula moisturizes and soothes with no waxy or greasy barrier. It contains an impressive array of essential oils such as cooling Turmeric, relaxing Lavender, calming Frankincense, and balancing Tea Tree. And all of this goodness is infused with Amethyst Elixir and Smoky Quartz Elixir: energetically grounding and connecting. 



Elixir Apothecary delivers lavish non-toxic products for healthy living, with ingredients that impress the most discerning moms, and are delicate enough for the whole tribe. 

As guides, we must lead by example. Live a life of love. And never forget that we are worthy of that love.

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