Fall Skincare Tips by Amber

Fall Skincare Tips by Amber

As we continue to experience Fall weather, we noticed a big change in the weather.  You need to also change your skincare routine.  Here are the recommend skincare tips from esthetician Amber

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Step 1: The key for any fall beauty routine is hydration Slowly incorporating these products as we transition into fall can also give our skin time to adjust.

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Step 2: A gentle cream or milk cleanser is essential as the weather begins to cool down.  A great hydrating cleanser will gently cleanse the skin without stripping the skins fragile barrier. Cream cleansers are more gentle on the skin and typically have the ability to work for all skin types especially sensitive, sun damage, and mature skin.
A great skincare routine with followed by a hydrating serum.  A serum is essential anytime of the year because they are specifically made to penetrate the skin on a deeper level.  A great hydrating serum will absorb into the skin and infuse our cells with the nutrients they need.
Step 3:Exfoliating treatments/serums not only help with discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles, and breakouts, but also keep the skin smooth and hydrated.  A build-up of dead cells will cause the skin to feel rough and dry.  Products also can't penetrate as well.  An exfoliating treatment gently eats away dead cells allowing the new healthy skin to come through.
Step 4: A creamier moisturizer is recommended for Fall.  When you apply a lightweight moisturizer, it will leave the skin feeling vulnerable and dry throughout the rest of the day.  A creamier moisturizer not only protects the skin, but locks in the skin natural oils and locking in the treatments/serums.

Written by skincare enthusiast & esthetician, Amber. Please contact her if you want a skincare consultation with her.


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