Self-Care Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2020 in Quarantine

Self-Care Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2020 in Quarantine

This year, Mother’s Day is going to be a bit different. Due to quarantine, you may not be able to see your mom or treat her to brunch or a movie. The good news, however, is you can give her the gift of self-care through clean beauty products she’s bound to love. 


These Mother's Day self-care products can do wonders for her physical, emotional, and mental health. They may even help forget about these uncertain times. Here are some great self-care gift ideas for the special mom in your life. 

Elixir Detox Body Polish

Give mom the chance to polish, moisturize, and detoxify her skin with the Elixir Detox Body Polish. It’s made with 100% Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and blended with rose and lavender essential oil plus fine red rose petals.

Believe it or not, the polish can deposit over 75 minerals through your mom’s pores and replace the toxins it extracts. She can massage it onto her entire body for up to 30 seconds and follow with a refreshing bath. 

Great for dull skin with large pore concern.



LUNA - Natural Spiritual Soap

Made of Pink Kaolin Clay, Dark Moonstone, Selenite, and Amethyst crystal infused elixirs, the LUNA Natural Spiritual Soap is ideal for all skin types. It can cleanse your mom’s skin without stripping her natural oils. It’s also a great exfoliator and will leave her skin silky soft. We suggest your mom uses the UNA Natural Spiritual Soap to match up her self-care routine with the Lunar Cycle.

Great way to add moisture to her skin.

LUNA-Pink Kaolin Clay-Soap


Nocturne Anti-Stress & Sleep Magnesium Oil

The Nocturne Anti-Stress & Sleep Magnesium Oil is the perfect way for mom to shed off some stress, relax, and unwind. It features a highly concentrated form of magnesium chloride that comes from Zechstein seabed, aloe vera, and lavender. Once your mom uses 5 sprays on your thighs, stomach, and bottom of her feet, she’s sure to feel her best. If she suffers from migraines or sore muscles, this is the perfect gift. 


Great way to alleviate restless nights.


Metamorphic Jade Roller

For centuries, people have used jade rollers to achieve smooth, youthful skin. With the Metamorphic Jade Roller, your mom can reap the benefits of this ancient beauty tool. Made from rose quartz crystal, the Metamorphic Jade Roller stays cool and can massage mom’s tired facial muscles. If she uses it regularly, she’ll notice less fine lines and wrinkles as well as improved elasticity and blood circulation. 

Great way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


With these self-care gift ideas, you can make mom feel like a million bucks, even when she has to spend her days at home. 


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