Meet Amber: Cynaglow’s Newest Team Member

Meet Amber: Cynaglow’s Newest Team Member

Cynaglow is thrilled to introduce you to our newest team member, Amber! Amber firmly believes that beauty and wellness go hand-in-hand. “If you feel good and take care of yourself on the inside, your beauty will radiate on the outside,” explains Amber.

Amber is currently in school to become a licensed esthetician and can’t wait to use her education to help others achieve their best skin yet. Once she obtains her license, she plans on continuing her education and taking additional courses in holistic healing, herbs, Chinese medicine, and wellness.

Currently, Amber provides skin care routines and product recommendations for individuals who need help finding clean and effective skincare for their issues. In addition to performing research to find the best products for a specific client, Amber ensures the products are clean and align comfortably with a client’s personal budget.

In the past, Amber worked as a skin specialist at Sephora and became Sephora certified in facials. She is now employed at Province Apothecary, where she has gained a wealth of knowledge in acupressure techniques, face lift massage, and aromatherapy.

Let’s take a look at how Amber’s passion for skincare and clean beauty began.

After a painful struggle with cystic acne and Eczema, Amber came across high-quality non-toxic products that made a positive difference on her skin. She now enjoys a clear complexion, minus the occasional breakout. “Using non-toxic products played a role in clearing up my skin but focusing on self-care and wellness by making healthier choice in all areas of my life is what really helped,” says Amber.

Ever since Amber began her journey to healthier skin, she knew she wanted to partner with others who share her same passion for beauty and wellness. She was excited to come across Cynaglow and knew she wanted to become a part of its clean holistic approach to beauty and wellness.

“In addition to being a hub for top-notch clean products, Cynaglow is full of passionate clean beauty experts that can help you achieve your health and wellness goals,” Amber explains.

Amber’s Top Cynaglow Pick: The Jade Roller

Amber can’t get enough of Cynaglow’s Jade Roller. Jade is known to help cleanse negative energy and promote emotional healing. It’s also great for circulation, depuffing, decreasing inflammation, and lymph drainage.

According to Amber, a high-quality jade roller will stay cool despite body temperature and assists in soothing the skin while activating the build up of fluid underneath. “Believe it or not, the Jade Roller actually helps remove toxins from the body while providing great skin benefits,” says Amber.

Order the Jade Roller Today and Get a Free Drawstring Bag

To experience the benefits of the Jade Roller firsthand, you owe it to yourself to purchase the it today. For a limited time, Cynaglow is offering a FREE drawstring bag to any customer who makes a jade roller purchase.

What are you waiting for? Order the Jade Roller today and treat yourself to a mini facial massage, all day, every day.


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