Natural Ways to Get Through Flu Season (Without Taking a Sick Day)

Natural Ways to Get Through Flu Season (Without Taking a Sick Day)

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It’s the time of the year when non-stop sniffles and body aches take us by storm more than any other season, and we’re here to teach you how to prevent the flu naturally. And if you’re already sick, we also have a few natural ways to fight the flu for you.  


Plus, each of the following remedies are healthy immune system boosters that also bring benefits to your overall health all year long.

The Best Ways to Fight the Flu Naturally

Drink Chamomile

Chamomile is packed full of stress-reducing agents that aid in relaxation and reducing inflammation. This should be the first product you purchase when the early cold symptoms kick in because it encourages your body to heal itself. Drinking chamomile tea is the most popular method for intake and we recommend slow sipping at the highest tolerable temperature to sooth away body aches and stuffy noses.

Try Green Tea

While you’re in the tea aisle, be sure to grab a box of green tea to take advantage of the antioxidant called catechin which supports the immune system by protecting it against harmful free radical and cancer causing carcinogens. Just keep in mind that green tea does contain caffeine, so you’ll probably want to avoid this if you want to a little extra rest.

Sprinkle Cinnamon

Known for its superfood properties, cinnamon is rich in flavonoids, antioxidants and phenolic compounds that help your body fight off infections and viruses. Originally known as a gift fit for kings, this ingredient dates back to Ancient Egypt.

Sprinkle cinnamon on toast or add a teaspoon to warm drinks to help you feel better in no time.

Brew with Ginger

Knock out the cold feeling and shakes with the ultimate immunity booster, ginger. Ginger contains a compound called gingerol, which is full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that fight germs. Adding ginger to warm drinks helps soothe stomach pains and helps with lymph drainage. Just pour a cup of boiling water onto 1 teaspoon of the fresh root and let it infuse for five minutes before drinking.

Chew Garlic

Natural Remedy Garlic


You probably don’t have plans to be kissing anybody while you’re slouched on a couch with a flu. In that case, reach for the potent, all-natural garlic remedy and pop an entire clove into your mouth to chew. Garlic provides decongestant and expectorant effects that relieve sinus pressure and help you breathe easier. Many people swear by this trick, even if it isn’t fully backed by science.

Experiment with Essential Oils

Breathe Easy Roller


One of the most common symptoms of a cold or flu is a stuffy nose that leaves your head in a fog. The simple application of the Breathe Easy Essential Oil Roller naturally clears the nasal passages for improve breath circulation. This natural antibacterial properties of peppermint, spearmint, and eucalyptus oils removes built-up bacteria and . can actually prevent colds from occuring in the first place. Reviewers have said that the roller helped to clear chest congestion for a restful sleep, and we all know that you need all the rest you can get when you’re sick!

Take a “Vitamin Nap”

Your body needs rest to repair and fight off the virus, and it’s easy to fade away to dreamland without loading up on the proper natural flu-fighting remedies. Before you tune out, eat a handful of vitamin C-rich citrus fruits like lemon, grapefruit and oranges with a side of a cod liver oil pill. This incredibly nutritious fish oil delivers 90% of your daily requirements for vitamin A and 113% for vitamin D. These vitamins will work together to help your body heal from illness while you sleep.

Remember to put the above techniques and ingredients to work throughout each day that you have symptoms. While there are dozens of other natural ingredients and techniques to fight the flu, we believe these are the easiest and most effective.

How do you prevent the flu naturally? Do you know any natural ways to fight the flu? Let us know in the comments!



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