Hello, my name is Cynthia!

Welcome to Cynaglow. I am here to guide you to a safe and healthy lifestyle. And my team and I aim to help you live a holistic, natural self-care lifestyle.

10 Quick Facts

01I wake up everyday at 5:30AM and I drink GREEN TEA or COFFEE every morning.

02I am an Android user. NEVER owned an Apple phone my whole life.

03I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

04My passion is to educate individuals whether men or women on how to use a nontoxic, holistic approach in beauty and wellness. My goal is to help others on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

05 I live an active lifestyle. I workout at least twice a week. Whether walking or jogging.

06I only use non-toxic nail polish brands such as Ella+Mila, Zoya, and Deborah Lippmann.

07I love supporting women who has a non-toxic approach to beauty, home living, and food. Grateful to connect with so many passionate health, beauty, fashion & wellness entrepreneurs. 

08I detox at least twice a month. Whether doing a skincare or body detox.

09I love animals. Big advocate on cruelty-free. If you are an animal lover, I would get along with you.

10I promote self-care because I believe that women and men should take care of themselves. My motto is spend more time with yourself to improve your well-being.

My Story

While growing up, I surrounded myself in a healthy lifestyle by staying active and having healthy habits such as getting 8 hours of sleep or just having breakfast. I truly believe in putting your health as a priority to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Beside keeping fit, I realized what I use on my skin can cause skin irritation and may link to harmful chemicals. Then I found out not all my luxury beauty products are considered healthy. After researching, a lot of my favorite beauty brands contain toxic ingredients that can lead to cancer and hormone disrupters.  Further, I struggle from allergies so I decided to switch all my beauty products to natural.

The past decade, I grew my passion for digital marketing and eCommerce. I built eCommerce websites for startups and small businesses.  I have had the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs in different industries. Then in my early career, I was able to work with so many influential beauty, fashion, lifestyle bloggers and YouTubers. And I had a chance to collaborate with many social media influencers in mommy, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle media outlets. I cannot express my gratitude for building partnerships like Merrick White, Jasmine Maria, Thrifty NW Mom, The Budget Savvy Bride, Cali Coupon Chick, and many more.

Due to my passion with beauty and wellness, I studied more about holistic. This brought me closer to learn about clean beauty. Then in 2017, I decided to join a clean beauty movement. Now, I bring my passion for the Beauty & Wellness Industry. I became a beauty advocate for a company called Beautycounter, a community for safer and natural skincare and cosmetics for women, men, and children. 

I fell in love with the company's mission which is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. My goal is to share health and beauty advice to people who want to live a happy, and healthy lifestyle.  

I take great pride in promoting high-quality natural cosmetics and personal care products that are free of harsh chemicals and over 1,800 of the questionable ingredients that are found in many other formulations.

With my history with allergies, I'm passionate about bringing hypoallergic and non-toxic beauty products to you.  As I partnered up with beauty influencers who are also moms, I see a need for a space where people can have easy access to mom-friendly beauty products as well as kid-friendly skincare and body care products.

I partner with Elixir Apothecary, a holistic body care and skin care company that has a passion for creating healing, holistic products with minimal ingredients. You can find homemade natural and vegan skin care, soap, body polish, essential oils, and tea tubs.  All products are formulated by a certified herbalist.  We are both passionate about holistic living.

Together we live in a healthy, holistically wholesome lives and we want the same for you.  My goal is to educate you and your family how to live a holistic lifestyle with my recommended products.

Proud Member of National Wellness Institute

My Beliefs


I stand behind the information on non-toxic lifestyle and products shared on Cynaglow.


We are passionate about educating you on non-toxic, natural beauty & skincare products.


I only work with partners who share our mission of promoting a holistic & natural self-care lifestyle.

My Vision

I believe in better lifestyle for everyone.

It is my goal to spread awareness for holistic, natural beauty. I truly believe that there is an easy way to incorporate beauty routine that is both good for you and the environment.

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