Elixir Apothecary

Meet Michelle and Derek, Owners of Elixir Apothecary. Their goal, with every product they make, is to enhance your self-love routine, all while keeping the definition of our name, in mind.

The definition of 'elixir' is a magical or medicinal potion, a preparation that was supposedly able to change metals into gold, preparation supposedly to prolong life indefinitely.

Together, they have a passion for creating healing, holistic body care and skin care products with minimal ingredients. All while avoiding, fragrance oils, fake colorants and harmful preservatives.

Michelle is a certified herbalist through the Herbal Academy of New England.

We maintain our values and honesty whilst researching, creating, formulating and testing every holistic product we offer.

  • fair trade
  • cruelty-free
  • mostly vegan
  • preservative-free
  • no artificial colors
  • handmade with TLC
  • made in a clean studio
  • made in fresh, small batches
  • top quality and mostly organic ingredients
  • we never try to hide the products' ingredient list
  • all colorants are sourced from a natural powder, clay or salt

Studio Picture